Riverside Victorian Villa

River Mersey

About the project

The complete restoration, of a beautiful Victorian Villa situated on the River Mersey. We took the property back to brick and renovated to a turnkey level, all 27 rooms. Transforming a bare shell and keeping the architectural details in line with the period of the property.
Print Men Wardrobe Handle 3 © ZACandZAC
Print Study Shelves - Lights on © ZACandZAC
Print Kids bath from bath © ZACandZAC

Lets Cook

A classic and timeless kitchen with views

Web Kitchen Back Bar 1 Point - Door Half Open © ZACandZAC
Web Kitchen Drawer Names © ZACandZAC
Web Kitchen Cabinet Detail © ZACandZAC

Smaller spaces

We believe every space in the home should be beautiful, big or small.

Web WC © ZACandZAC
Web Washroom © ZACandZAC

Dine with us

A sociable, airy dining space with graphic accessories to modernise this classic room.

Web Dining Table Chairs © ZACandZAC
Web Dining Table Base © ZACandZAC


A contemporary scheme inspired by our love for this statement commission piece.

Web Dining - Armchair © ZACandZAC
Web Dining - Stool © ZACandZAC

Making an entrance...

We restored the stunning period features of this beautiful victorian villa.


Web Vestibule to View © ZACandZAC
Web Hall to Stair © ZACandZAC

Time to Relax

We thought it was important to incorporate features that highlighted the beauty of this Victorian villa. 

We’ve created an inviting space for all the family to relax whilst including period features like picture-height panelling and stunning ceiling roses.

Web Lounge Sofa © ZACandZAC
Web Lounge Chandelier © ZACandZAC
Web Lounge Rug © ZACandZAC
Web Lounge Curtain © ZACandZAC
Web Lounge Fender © ZACandZAC
Web Lounge Side Table © ZACandZAC

Pick a book

A peaceful, cosy corner, modernised by some statement art.

Web Library Table 1 © ZACandZAC
Web Library Vignette © ZACandZAC

Up and up

Chic bedroom

We created a luxurious hotel feeling bedroom suite and dressing room, featuring bespoke brass curved handles and a commissioned art piece.

Print MB to Dresser © ZACandZAC
Web Chaise Detail © ZACandZAC
Web MB En Suite To Windows © ZACandZAC
Web MB Overview From Window © ZACandZAC
Web Vanity Unit Detail © ZACandZAC
Print Walkin W Roses © ZACandZAC
Print Walkin Wardrobe Handle Detail © ZACandZAC
Web MB Shower Detail © ZACandZAC
Web MB Ensuite Sink © ZACandZAC
Web MB Shower Overview © ZACandZAC

Back to Work

A classic Gentlemans office, with stunning views of the Mersey.
Web Office Desk Drawer - Closed © ZACandZAC
Web Office Desk Drawer © ZACandZAC
Web Office from Entrance 1 Point © ZACandZAC
Web Office Armchair © ZACandZAC
Web Office to window 1 point © ZACandZAC
Web Office Wall Light © ZACandZAC
Print Office from Entrance 1 Point © ZACandZAC
Print Office Overview from Window © ZACandZAC
Print Office from Entrance Cross © ZACandZAC
Web Study Shelves - Lights on © ZACandZAC

Fit for a Princess

We created a classic and timeless girls bedroom for our clients children.

Print Kids Light Detail © ZACandZAC

Splash time

Gorgeous girly bathroom featuring calcatta oro mosaics with a brass trim border and picture rail height panelling.
Print Children Bathroom Light on © ZACandZAC
Print Children Bathroom Floor Detail 2 © ZACandZAC
Web Kids bath from bath © ZACandZAC
Print Children Bathroom Onepoint © ZACandZAC
Web Children Bathroom Tap © ZACandZAC

Guest Bedroom

A spacious room for guests to unwind.

Web Beam Bedroom to Window © ZACandZAC
Web Beam Bed Curtain © ZACandZAC

Guest Bathroom

A luxury guest bathroom using cararra marble herringbone mosaics and solid cararra marble slabs to form a bench within the shower area.
Print TF WC © ZACandZAC
Print TF WC Shower © ZACandZAC

Guest Room

Cosy extra bedroom 

Rockabye baby

The most gorgeous nursery room for a little one.

Web Kids Bed Blinds © ZACandZAC
Web Kids Ceiling Light © ZACandZAC
Web Kids Bed Headboard © ZACandZAC
Web Kids Bed Overview © ZACandZAC

Play time !

A room for imaginations to run wild

Kind words spoken

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